Press distribution is a regulated activity that guarantees access to a free, independent and pluralistic press.

A regulated activity

Arcep (France’s Electronic Communications, Postal and Print media distribution Regulatory Authority) is the independent administrative authority responsible for regulating electronic and postal communications and press distribution in France.

Within the Ministry of Culture, the General Directorate for Media and Cultural Industries determines, implements and evaluates the State’s policy in favour of media development and pluralism.

The Joint Commission for Press Publications and Agencies (CPPAP) is responsible, among other things, for issuing an opinion on whether publications can benefit from the economic regime for the press (preferential postal and tax rates).

A codified activity

The press and its distribution are governed by legal texts:
Law of 29 July 1881 about freedom of press
Law of 2 April 1947 about the status of companies grouping and distributing newspapers and periodicals (known as the “Bichet Law”)
Law of 18 October 2019 about press distribution’s modernisation

A certified activity

The ACPM (Alliance pour les chiffres de la presse et des médias) is the third-party certifier for the media. The ACPM controls, certifies and gives value to the press figures.

Open Data

In accordance with specifications of approved press distribution companies, France Messagerie makes its data* available to the public. Find below the list of France Messagerie titles served by points of sale, and the composition of the offer for each point of sale.

*With the exception of data whose publication has been the subject of an objection by the publisher.